The real change in our industry, the final takeoff into a new era of real estate agents will emerge when professionals have mutual trust. Training and technology are undoubtedly important, but incorporate confidence is the key issue if we want a new era of hope and success.

You can imagine the difference would be even if we were able to increase confidence in the relationships between different actors in this sector?

There is no success without trust. This word is almost everything you can to contribute to strive for success, and these days more than ever. Could improve confidence among real estate associations, including professionals from the same area, including real estate and banking professionals, the situation of the sector?

The suspicion is implanted in our industry, both among professionals and between professionals and clients, and this makes everything is contaminated.

I will never tire of saying, If we have mutual trust between us, you can not solve our problems, we will move forward at all or too slow.

We often judge ourselves by our intentions and others by their behavior, so to win the trust (not to recover, and who never had) a faster, we need to establish and fulfill commitments to ourselves and to the other fellow, not to mention customers.

The crisis we are living is changing our environment, our world, our industry so fast that it is not the great who won the small, it is the fastest wins the slow, therefore we can not waste a minute.

Our revenues, profits and prosperity can only come from the hand of transcendent values ​​such as trust and integrity. As truly understand the incredible difference that assume that the relationship between real estate professionals have a high confidence level, we begin to see concrete and measurable economic dimension to behave that trust. Understand the cost and so brutal that we are carrying the distrust we implanted in our sector.

Above all, we now need a winning competitive strategy and organizational excellent execution and distrust is the enemy of both.

So back to say: The ability to inspire, cultivate and develop confidence with all stakeholders, is the key skill we need for the new era. Our primary responsibility (of all) should be to generate trust, without it we will only be patched and will not have a strong roots which sustain us.

We need people who want to take responsibility and trust them. Think a bit and ask yourself what partner you trust? What is it that inspires confidence in this particular partner? Now ask yourself a professional you trust? Why you can trust?

I totally agree with Stephen R. Covey (author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People), when he says "If you think the problem is out, that very thought is the problem." Of course there are external factors that influence the situation we are in a global world, but that does not mean you can not do anything!. We need everyone's contribution to improve the level of confidence.

The idea is to develop, both for customers and for other peers in a trusted professional, and the principle is credibility.

"The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago.

The second best time is today "(Chinese proverb).

Although we have a long road ahead, one thing is very clear, the professional walk leaders expected to take the lead industry, establish consistent commitments to sustain confidence, inform us, accountable and keep the promise of trust of corporate behavior.

We must change our view, to change the way we act, and get the results you want.

We are not credible! How to trust?

If the estate does not trust our representatives, not fight, but need to build an organization that is willing to fight, with high morals, who can act, to trust itself, where we all have mutual trust. To do this we need the current partnerships sit and talk, but we are trustworthy? Do our leaders have credibility?

We need credible performance as an organization. We need to ensure that customers and partners understand our reputation for integrity. We need to state our intentions to help them win. We need to show our capabilities and add value to their organizations. We need to prove our results and our history to want to be with us. The net result of all this will be credibility and with that credibility, we are able to establish and maintain trusting relationships over time. Our business has already shown that these relationships of trust are the key long-term profitable growth.


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