Recruiting new agents benefit all

It's no secret that RE / MAX we are constantly interested in attracting more professionals to join our network. The question is ... why?
This is the explanation.
In many countries in Latin America and around the world have noticed an interesting trend: Agents who earn more are those who work in markets where there are more offices and Agents RE / MAX. This interesting finding has remained stable regardless of the size of the city.
Why is this? To start, the more agents RE / MAX working the same market, there are more signs (signs or posters) RE / MAX visible to the public, not to mention the increased presence on the internet, social media, blogs and marketing exposure general.
Consumers then recognize RE / MAX as a force in the market, and are more likely to hire for your real estate needs. That's what happens when a brand dominates the market.
In essence, the sum of individual efforts make a presence in the minds of consumers that our competitors simply can not match. That, in turn, creates more business opportunities for Agents RE / MAX.
We've seen this repeated in the U.S. markets. UU. and Canada for many years. Now we are seeing in Latin America. The more presence there of RE / MAX, the better for all of our agents.
So what can the Agents and Brokers RE / MAX to help emphasize this trend? They can help disseminate this concept and inviting people who want to develop a real estate professional to join us.
In addition, agents must continue what they are specialists, selling real estate. When your colleagues see and hear their success have benefited from his affiliation with RE / MAX, they too will be attracted to this powerful network.
If all we are proactive in attracting talented people and to make our presence felt in the market, everyone wins!
Greetings and happy holidays!
Ricardo Cardenas, IRES, MBA, TRC
Regional Vice President
RE / MAX Latin America and Caribbean

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